Palais Galliera, the City of Paris Fashion Museum has opened a new exhibition that celebrates its history and its collections.

Titled ‘A History of Fashion. Collecting & Exhibiting at the Palais Galliera’ the exhibition showcases more than 350 pieces on display – garments, accessories, graphic arts and photographs, from the 18th century to the present day.

Highlights of the exhibition include spectacular creations by Thierry Mugler, Christian LaCroix and Comme des Garcons, Christian Dior cocktail dresses, avant-garde pieces by Rick Owens, as well as the most beautiful specimens from Chanel, Paul Poiret and Jean Paul Gaultier. There are also recent creations on display such as the Spring/Summer 2017 Chanel ensemble by Karl Lagerfeld.

Through the course of the exhibition the viewer can retrace the history of the Palais Galliera, the history of fashion and its collections through both chronological and thematic stories.

The ‘History of Fashion. Collecting & Exhibiting at the Palais Galliera’ exhibition will be presented in two consecutive and separate displays: from October 2, 2021 to March 13, 2022 and April 2, 2022 to June 26, 2022.